The branch of Warehouse devoted to digital and organizational innovation projects for enterprises.

We structured ourselves as a hub. Through the involvement of the professionals of the Warehouse community, we provide enterprises with training and guidance services on the following topics:

Smart Working

We support companies in the transformation process to manage remote employees. Smart Working is a management philosophy requiring the will to put in place a sharp organizational and technological change. The aim is combining corporate productivity and employees’ wellbeing.

Project Management​

  • Preliminary analyses, surveys and focus groups with the management and other collaborators
  • Executive roadmap setup
  • Communication plan for the Smart Working project
  • Support to kick off the pilot project and ongoing guidance

Strategies for the employees

  • Coaching to involve the employees, work by objectives
  • Training for Smart Working Managers
  • Definition of welfare policies for collaborators

Technological qualification

  • Personal and corporate connectivity
  • Implementation of IT systems
  • Cloud solutions and internal communication tools

Organizational Change

We support the organizations aiming at increasing the impact of individual talent and know-how on their business. The expected outcome is making them more innovative, sustainable and agile.


Coaching paths for collaborators, aimed at developing soft, creative and teamwork skills.

Lean & Agile​

Analysis of work processes and strategies to innovate corporate processes, with an approach based on Lean Management and Agile Methodology.


Development of digital platforms and apps to share know-how within and outside the company. AR and VR projects for e-learning.

Digital Transformation

The market and the evolution of the economic landscape are launching new challenges, which can only be met by vigorously innovating value generation for customers. Our services aim at allowing companies to grow in the markets through digital innovation.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team and the support of our community, we are able to supply a complete service, from strategy to implementation.

Business Modeling

We analyse your current business model and identify the areas in which digital transformation may improve your approach to the market.


We implement the necessary technologies to promote the evolution and digital transformation of your business.


Online sales strategies to develop new sales channels.

Our Team

Our community of professionals keeps growing: it is a proactive, innovative and highly professional network, operating in an environment where exchanging and transferring know-how and developing collaborative projects comes naturally.

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