Warehouse Hub

Warehouse Hub is an innovative organization with a social vocation. Our purpose is to supply services aimed at developing the social, digital, and organizational innovation of enterprises, nonprofits and public bodies. Our mission is to develop new ideas to meet the emerging social needs related to the new dynamics of the professional world.


We support young people in their delicate first steps in the job market, through training and mentoring activities aimed at developing entrepreneurial and cross-sector know-how. At the same time, we support both for-profit and nonprofit organizations willing to increase their social impact and to innovate their know-how, processes, and tools.

Innovation Factory

Warehouse Hub also provides tutoring paths and services to promote innovation in communication, the digital sector, smart work, and collaborative governance, with the aim of improving corporate performance and social impact.

Our Team

Our community of professionals keeps growing: it is a proactive, innovative and highly professional network, operating in an environment where exchanging and transferring know-how and developing collaborative projects comes naturally.